A breath of fresh Nordic air in Hong Kong meat market

Localized branding for leading Nordic meat producer
Well established in Europe as one of the leading Nordic meat producers, Flodins hoped to expand its operations in Asia.

Context and objectives: Increase visibility to the right consumer for a successful first launch in Asia.

Emotive took Flodins’ strong existing brand identity as a starting point  and then repositioned and redesigned the image to meet the expectations of Asian consumers. We took great care to respect as well as emphasise Flodins’ values and commitment to quality and created a brand guideline to enable a clear long-term identity allowing for future expansion of the product line.

We advised on relevant trade networks, messages to focus on for a better impact, and a new name to replace the confusing HKScan in Hong Kong market.

as well as emphasize on Flodins’ values and commitment to quality and human health by creating a brand guideline that enables a clear long-term identity for future expansion of Flodis product line.